Computer Science

Undergraduate: Major, Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

The study of computer science creates a great foundation for an incredible variety of career paths. From programming, hardware, and robots, to websites, databases and ethical use of technology, the demand for computer professionals keeps growing. If you are a 21st century problem solver with an interest in digital tools and hardware, connect with computer science.

Program Description

As a Computer Science major, you will not just learn programming or how to use one single technology. You will also gain the broader skill of algorithmic thinking, coupled with exploration of how technology impacts people today and how to rise to its challenges.

Most classes have a lab component where you work hands-on to finish projects. The program utilizes robots, a variety of computer systems, and a new high performance computing cluster to deliver the material in exciting ways. Most courses use free or open-source software to minimize cost, and you have access to several computer labs in the cutting edge Science Hall.

Highlighted Courses:

  • CSC 320 Social Issues in Computing
  • CSC 330 Distributed Computing
  • CSC 360 Intelligent Systems
  • CSC 380 Web Development


Faculty collaborate on research projects directly with students such as efficient use and reclamation of memory, artificial intelligence techniques, robot simulators and graphics research including 3D technology.


Post-graduation job placement.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Collaborative Opportunities

Computer Science majors benefit from taking classes in Science Hall, one of Canisius' most cutting-edge facilities. Students can engage with robotics projects, the Computer Science Club, data research and much more. 

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