Sociology is a science that studies, investigates and seeks to understand human behavior and social order. It is a growing field in our ever-changing society, as social research informs lawmakers, educators, businesses, non-profit agencies and other institutions. Consider sociology if you desire to help others and make a difference in the community and the world.

Program coursework is diverse, covering a wide range of educational and career interests. You will study topics such as social change, health and wellness, race and ethnic relations and other specialized subjects. Combine classroom study, community-based learning, faculty research assistance, internships, and available study abroad programs and be well-prepared for public and private sector jobs in human services, criminal justice and business.

Earn membership in the Sociology honor society, a fellowship group dedicated to promoting human welfare through scientific knowledge applied to the solution of social problems. Add a minor in child, family and community studies and develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics of family within society.

Highlighted Courses

  • SOC 111 Social Problems
  • SOC 432 Social Theory
  • SOC 273 Social Movements and Social Change
  • SOC 291 Gender and Society


Faculty members have received numerous National Science Foundation grants as well as local and state grants to support social research initiatives. 


Extended Learning Opportunities
See where sociology students intern and how the program emphasizes learning in the community.