Data Analytics Extended Learning Opportunities

Advisory Council

The Data Analytics Program has an Advisory Council with representatives from a range of local corporations who have been providing guidance to program faculty throughout much of the program development process, and continue to provide that guidance, as well a providing internship opportunities. It is expected that most students will have a chance to meet the Advisory Council members. There is a speaker series within the program,  with speakers from local businesses discussing their work and challenges. Many speakers will be drawn from the Data Analytics Advisory Council.


There is an informal learning workshop called CodeShop that supports faculty and student development of knowledge and skills in data analytics, computation and applied statistics. This is an open-ended research and learning workshop where students and faculty discuss and work on a range of problems,  software tools and statistical methods.  The core goal of CodeShop is to build a shared resource for learning new methods and tools efficiency, by sharing knowledges, skills and capabilities across disciplinary boundaries.


The Data Analytics program requires an internship or project in a local business or in collaboration with a not-for-profit.  Students will carry out a comprehensive data analytic process as part of the internship, allowing them to put the concepts form the classroom to work.