Integrated Marketing Communication

College of Arts & Sciences

If you’re thinking of a career in communication that crosses into the business and marketing world, you’ll need a broad base of knowledge and a versatile skillset. That’s because specialties like creative advertising, digital media and marketing, social media and public relations—once considered separate but equal disciplines—are today intertwined, thanks to the game-changing impact of digital and social media. To meet the needs of aspiring communication professionals, Canisius is proud to offer one of the nation’s only interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in integrated marketing communication.

Our Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication program offers a fully interdisciplinary approach. Working with professors from our Communication Studies, Digital Media Arts and Marketing departments, students will gain broad knowledge and learn specific skills to position them for success. The program features a blend of coursework in advertising, communication, consumer behavior, marketing, traditional and new media, promotions, public relations, research and sales. Students will be well-prepared for a variety of communication functions in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. These include advertising, marketing, traditional and digital media, promotions, public relations, data analysis and sales as well as reputation and community management. Program coursework will address both the application and strategic management of specific skills and tactics.

Program Highlights

  • Hybrid teaching and learning methods—instruction will take place both in the classroom and online
  • A fully interdisciplinary approach that teaches the fundamentals of traditional media with the still-emerging possibilities of new media
  • An emphasis on experiential learning through hands-on activities and projects
  • Guest lectures from local practitioners working in a variety of fields
  • A holistic framework inspired by our Jesuit tradition that emphasizes the highest standards of professionalism and ethics 

Extended Learning Opportunities 

  • Students offered high-profile internships in corporate communication offices, advertising agencies and nonprofits
  • Extensive Canisius alumni network provides mentoring opportunities with access to a growing job market
  • Post-Baccalaureate certificate also available to recent college graduates


  • One of the few programs in the country to follow a fully integrated approach
  • Equips students with hands-on, applied skills, supported by targeted academic courses
  • Collaboration with the marketing and marketing communication industry to deliver graduates ready for a growing job market
  • IMC graduates experience employment prospects and starting salaries that exceed other degree fields
Laurel Wreath
16.4% average projected job growth
vs. 7.4% for other career fields