All-College Honors Academic Program

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Honors Credit Policy

Students seeking transfer credit must see the Honors director, who has discretion in the matter.

The All-College Honors Program generally permits Honors students to gain credit for the following test scores and alternative coursework:

(a) pertinent Advanced Placement courses taught in high school, provided the exam scores are 4s or 5s (no more than three such scores accepted)
(b) exam scores of 6s or 7s in pertinent subject areas of the International Baccalaureate (no more than two such scores accepted; no additional credit for qualifying AP exam scores that duplicate credit awarded for IB exams) 
(c) Summer Honors courses taught at Canisius University, provided the grade is "B" or better
(d) pertinent study-abroad courses at foreign universities, provided the grades are "B" or better (no more than two such courses accepted)
(e) pertinent courses taken at accredited institutions of higher learning by college students transferring to Canisius, provided the grades are "B" or better

The Honors Program will accept a maximum of five (5) test scores and alternative academic courses. 

Honors students who receive 4 or 5 on the AP English exam or 6 or 7 on the IB English exam must nonetheless enroll in HON 101 (a gateway course to the Honors Program) in their first semester at Canisius and can be exempted from a literature seminar. For more information on specific AP and IB scores and how they transfer to Honors course credit, click here.

Honors students who desire credit for study-abroad coursework should see the Honors director before departing and, upon returning, must bring course syllabi, completed papers or other academic work, and a grade transcript to the director. Initial approval of study-abroad courses is contingent upon at least two factors: (a) completion of courses previously approved by the director and (b) receipt of grades of "B" or better in academically rigorous courses. Students are encouraged to communicate their progress and/or concerns to the director via email @email .

No Honors credit can be granted for the following kinds of coursework or experience:
*Courses designed by college faculty but taught in high schools by high school teachers
*Courses taught by college faculty but transmitted by television into high school classes
*Community college courses
*Regular Canisius University courses instead of Honors courses e.g., ENG 101 instead of HON 101
*Courses taken pass/fail
*International travel 

Good Standing

Generally, Honors students earn comparable grades in their Honors courses to their regular coursework. Since the Honors core parallels the regular core, Honors students are on the same track toward graduation as non-Honors students. 

Minimum Standards

In order to remain in the All-College Honors Program, students must complete all required coursework, including the senior thesis. Students are expected to earn at least a solid "B" in each Honors course.
Honors students must also graduate with an overall GPA of 3.25 in all courses at Canisius.


Honors students who receive three grades of "B-" or lower, two grades in the "C" range, or one "D" or "F"/"FX" in Honors courses will be dismissed from the Honors Program. Students whose academic work in Honors courses or in non-Honors courses is found to be plagiarized will also be dismissed from the Honors Program. Any senior whose Honors thesis receives a "D" or an "F" will be ineligible to graduate with Honors.


Students who are dismissed from the Honors Program may petition the Honors Committee, which considers all such appeals. This committee is composed of the Honors director, several faculty members, and an Honors student chosen by the Honors student body. Students who have been dismissed from the Honors Program may petition the Honors Committee only once.

Honors Assessment

Honors Program Learning Assessment

To download the Honors Program Learning Assessment form, which outlines the four-point learning assessment plan for each Honors student to ensure they fulfill program requirements, click here.

Honors Assessment Plan

To download the Honors Assessment plan, which details the effectiveness of the program, click here.

Honors Thesis Assessment 

To download the All-College Honors Thesis Rubric, intended for the Honors Program assessment, click here.


Students who wish to withdraw from the program may still graduate on time. All Honors courses can be fully transferred to the regular core curriculum.