Academic Integrity at Canisius


"As a member of the Canisius College Community I understand and will uphold the standards for academic behavior as stated in the Code of Academic Integrity."

The Canisius College community is dedicated to academic excellence and is, therefore, committed to establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of trust. All members of the community agree and pledge to exercise complete integrity in their academic work. Academic integrity is the foundation of true intellectual growth; it demonstrates respect for oneself and for others. 

All members of the Canisius College community are committed to administering the Code of Academic Integrity in a manner consistent with our mission: to teach responsibility, to foster learning, and to care for the intellectual and ethical development of the whole person.

Violations of the Code of Academic Integrity shall be dealt with in a manner which is just to all parties and contributes to the learning process.  Sanctions shall be shaped by the belief that infractions are not simply occasions for punishment, but opportunities for learning and for improving the ethical standards of the individual and the community.


The complete text of the Code, including discussion of policies, procedures, and sanctions, can be found in the Canisius College Catalog.  Please click here.