Parking Permits

Student Parking Permit Classification

Login to MyCanisius, Click on Financial Services to purchase a parking permit.






Full Time - Undergraduate Commuter $90


Graduate & P/T Undergrad Commuter $50

All Residents:

Bosch, Frisch, Dugan, Delevan Townhouses or Village Townhouses Resident $150
All Students: Spillman Lot Only Spillman $50

Authorized Parking Lots

View the campus map for parking lot locations. 

Resident Permit

-Delevan Townhouses (Lot 23) 

-Village Townhouses (Lots 10, 11, 12)

-Eastwood (Lot 5)

-Loring (lot 6)

-Spillman (Lot 20)

Commuters Permit

-KAC Upper and Lower (Lot 18 and 19)

-Lyons Hall (Lots 7, 8, 25, DDD)

-Health Science (Lots 17,  CCC)

-New Science Hall (Lot 16)

-Spillman (Lot 20)

To purchase a permit you will need:

  • To complete the on-line registration form
  • Your Canisius username and password
  • Payment methods:
    -​​​​pay on-line with credit card or checking/savings account information
    -pay in-person at the Student Records and Financial Services Center
    -pay using your student account refund 
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Vehicle description
  • Vehicle license plate number

It is important to note only one tag is allowed/issued per student or employee. 
More than one vehicle may be registered to one permit tag.

Permits are available for pick up at the Student Records and Financial Services Center located in Bagen 106.
**You must have your ID card or a valid driver’s license to pick-up your permit**

If you have any questions, contact us at (716) 888-2600 or (800) 238-8160.

Student Parking Regulations

Only vehicles that display a Canisius University parking permit are entitled to park in campus lots. Permits are needed 24 hours a day, year round. Possession of a parking permit entitles the registrant to park only if there is available space in the parking area for which the permit is valid. Although the college does not guarantee a parking space, there are an ample number of spaces available daily. During certain special events or occasions, parking restrictions will be regulated by the Department of Public Safety. Registrants should always lock their doors and take steps to safeguard the vehicle and contents. Canisius University shall be exempt from any and all liability for any damage, theft or injury to property and persons.

Visitor Parking

Students having guests on campus should ensure that their guests are parked in an appropriate parking spot by contacting the Department of Public Safety at the time of the visit and by following parking directions given by the Department of Public Safety at that time.
Department of Public Safety:
Location_______Bosch Hall –LL
Emergency ONLY______711

Parking Enforcement

Parking and traffic regulations are strictly enforced 24 hours a day, year-round.
Each registrant shall be responsible for ensuring that the permit is displayed on the vehicle and that the vehicle is parked in the correct location.
Each Canisius University parking area is conspicuously posted with signs that indicate restrictions for that area.
All vehicles must be parked between marked parallel lines. Parking is prohibited in all driveways and entrances to all parking lots. No person shall park a vehicle on the premises of the college in such a manner as to interfere with the use of a fire hydrant, fire lane or other emergency zone, create any other hazard or unreasonably interfere with the use of a roadway or pedestrian way.
Motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters and motor bicycles are not permitted to park on sidewalks, under building overhangs, inside courtyards or in buildings or interfere with pedestrian traffic.

Use of all lots is restricted to properly registered vehicles. Violators will be issued city of Buffalo parking summonses. Once issued, these summonses cannot be voided by the Department of Public Safety. All business must be conducted with the City of Buffalo Parking Violations Bureau. Parking on the city street is regulated by the City of Buffalo Police and Parking Violations Bureau.

Illegally-parked vehicles, those creating a hazard and abandoned vehicles are subject to towing and impoundment at the owner’s expense. Canisius University shall be exempt from any and all liability for any damage to the vehicle.

Traffic Regulations

People who drive vehicles on campus are subject at all times to the motor vehicle laws of the state of New York and, where applicable, to the ordinances of the city of Buffalo.
All persons are required to obey posted speed limits, traffic control devices and posted parking requirements at all times.
A full stop at all stop signs is required. Pedestrians have the right of way. Motor vehicles may not be operated on any sidewalk, courtyard or green space. Public Safety Officers and City of Buffalo Police are empowered to enforce ordinances and laws pertaining to traffic regulations.
The operation of a motor vehicle on the campus of Canisius University is a privilege granted by this institution. Serious or excessive traffic violations may result in the loss of this privilege.

Hang Tag Permit Procedures

Members of the college community who do not exhibit their legal permit in the proper location will receive a parking summons. Your tag must hang from the back of the interior rear-view mirror. No other location will be accepted.
Please use the lots assigned to your permit. If parking is unavailable or an emergency situation arises, the Department of Public Safety should be immediately notified as to your vehicle’s whereabouts.

Forgotten Tags

If upon your arrival on campus, you discover that your hang tag is not in the vehicle (e.g., you cleaned your car out and forgot to return the hang tag to its proper place in the vehicle), you can immediately contact the Department of Public Safety at ext. 2330 and advise them of the situation.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost or stolen permits should be reported to the Department of Public Safety when the loss or theft is discovered. Any vehicle that displays a lost, stolen, forged or altered permit will be issued a summons. In addition, the owner or operator of the vehicle may be subject to college and/or criminal sanctions.


Upon separation from the college, permit holders may be entitled to a pro-rated refund. Contact the Student Records and Financial Services Center for more information about the refund policy.

Permit Transfer

Parking permits may not be transferred to another person.

Replacement Fee for Lost or Stolen Permits

Student Permits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75% of original cost