Undergraduate Transfer Admissions

It’s not about where you start—it’s about where you finish. It's time to make the move to Canisius.

If you have previous college credits from a two-year college or another four-year institution, we welcome you to apply to Canisius. Any applicant who has enrolled in courses at another college or university after the completion of high school must apply as a transfer student.



Questions? Connect with your Counselor

Jeannette Delaney - Transfer & Re-admit Students
Interim Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
716-888-2214 | @email

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Additional Admissions Requirements
When reviewing applications for admission, the Admissions Committee looks for students with a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher.

 GPA requirements vary between schools: 

-College of Arts & Sciences: 2.0+
-Richard J. Wehle School of Business: 2.5+
-School of Education: 3.0+, plus high school transcripts and official SAT/ACT scores.

Previously Attended Canisius?

Welcome back! Students who have taken a year or more off or who are looking to come back for a second bachelor’s degree should complete the re-admit application for admission. The Office of Undergraduate Admission will review your application and inform you of your next steps to make your transition back as smooth as possible. In addition to the application, we also request that you send us a brief essay explaining your educational and career goals. Indicate what you plan to accomplish by re-enrolling at Canisius. We also request a recent copy of your resume and any official transcripts from colleges or universities you have attended since you left. If you have any questions, please feel free to email: @email

Visit Our Campus
During the transferring process we encourage you to visit Canisius and experience our vibrant urban campus community in person.