College of Arts & Sciences

Explore the extraordinary ways in which humans relate to animals with an undergraduate course of study in anthrozoology. This interdisciplinary field examines human-animal interactions in a variety of environmental, political, cultural and ethical contexts. From the bonds formed between people and companion animals in shelters and in the home, to humans’ interactions with animals in the wild; from nonhuman animal involvement in therapeutic and educational settings, to the roles of zoos and sanctuaries – this program seeks to understand humanity’s often complicated, sometimes fraught, always fascinating ties to its fellow members of the animal kingdom.

With a strong foundation in the liberal arts, the anthrozoology major equips students with in-demand skills that will be relevant to their future studies and careers. Major emphasis in the program is given to blending knowledge from three foundational areas:

  1. Natural science approaches to understanding our nonhuman animals.
  2. Social science methods for investigating human-animal interactions.
  3. Humanities-based strategies that illuminate human-animal relationships from ethical, political and cultural points of view.

As an anthrozoology major, you’ll get the opportunity to apply your classroom learning to the real world through experiential opportunities. Many major elective courses involve travel, field work and/or service, and the department also offers numerous internships.

Highlighted Courses

  • PHI 245 Animal Ethics
  • ENG 285 Animals in Film and Literature
  • ABEC 332 Animal Welfare
  • ABEC 335 Conservation Education
  • ANZ 336 Children and Animals