Study Center

Academic success is an integral part of the mission of Canisus College. In order to assist students in achieving optimal academic performance the Griff Center for Student Success presents the Study Center.  The Study Center is open to all students and provides an opportunity for students to focus on their academic work in a quiet environment where tutors are available down the hall in tutoring services to answer questions and provide academic support.

Study Center is located in OM 311. 
Study Center Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday: 9am - 4pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12pm - 9pm
1. The Study Center is essential for academic growth. Students are required to have textbooks and/or notebooks at the time of swipe in. Students are expected to be working diligently, respectfully, and quietly on appropriate academic assignments.

2. Students are required to report to the assigned proctor and swipe in and out for each session. Hours will not be counted if the student does not swipe in /out. Canisius ID cards are required.  Hours will not be tracked throughout the week; students are responsible for keeping record of their own hours.

3. The use of cell phones are NOT permitted.  Portable music devices are permitted, however must be connected to a headphone jack, and played at an appropriate volume level. Non-academic video usage on portable music devices is NOT permitted.

4. Laptops are permitted, but must be used for academic purposes.  The use of social media sites, gaming sites, messenger applications, Personal Entertainment Websites, personal e-mails, or video streaming websites of any kind are prohibited.
For any additional information about the Study Center, please contact Lindy Feider, Associate Director of Support Services, at @email