Educational Leadership Testimonials

"The online Educational Leadership program at Canisius University is top notch. I selected Canisius University because the Educational Leadership program is NCATE approved and provided the flexibility of being completely online.

All the classes are taught by professors who also teach the face-to-face classes. By participating in the online format, I continued to work full time and was able to apply firsthand the skills/strategies I learned in class. Having the flexibility during the week to complete the various assignments allowed me to fulfill the professional expectations and responsibilities of my current position. 

The program truly exceeded my expectations, from the professors, to the online format, to the courses and the curriculum. It has helped to build my leadership skills for not only my current position, but for any future leadership position. If you are looking to advance your career, build your leadership abilities, and are looking for a flexible/convenient program you need to check out the online Educational Administration program at Canisius University."

-Paul Cone, MS 

"The online Educational Leadership program at Canisius has been wonderful! I have developed SO much in the past year as a leader and the professors, in my opinion, are exceptional! By no means is the online program easier - in fact, in some ways it is probably more challenging than actually attending classes. However, I feel I have learned more and grown more because of the online program and it allowed me to attend Canisius and further my education from 4 hours away."

-Jamie Sweeney, Advanced Certificate Candidate 

"I am enrolled in the online program and have enjoyed each and every one of my classes. I feel the professors are knowledgeable and helpful in preparing me for my future."

-Jennifer Schweigert, Advanced Certificate Candidate 

"I want to thank you for a great experience at Canisius University! I loved the entire experience from the online format, to the professors, the students and even the work! I learned so much more than I had expected given the amount of credits I had left in my program. You were a great source of support and guidance not to mention your outstanding teaching abilities. You have truly become a mentor for me and some one that I admire."

-Claudia Campa, MS 

"Canisius has been the best choice for my graduate school experience. I can be flexible with my schedule to work around my family. The professors come with a wealth of real world knowledge because they come from the education field. The program is rigorous. I feel like I will be well prepared when I am ready to become an administrator."

-Nicole Castine, Advanced Certificate Candidate