Student Health Insurance

Canisius College is committed to offering student health insurance that provides access to quality health care and achieves a balance between an affordable premium cost and gold-level coverage. We are pleased to offer the Canisius College Student Health Insurance Plan (CC-SHIP). The CC-SHIP is a gold-level plan with coverage of 80% PPO/70% non-PPO which means that with few exceptions, there will be low deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for care while getting the maximum coverage of costs by the plan. (CC-SHIP Benefits Brochure).

All full-time Domestic Undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits are automatically enrolled, unless you provide proof of other coverage. All International students are automatically enrolled and do not have the option to waive coverage. All Domestic Graduate and Part-time students taking at least 6 credits per semester are eligible to enroll in this plan on a voluntary basis.

Canisius College requires all full-time undergraduate students to have health insurance. All International Students (including Canadian students) will be automatically enrolled in the plan.  Domestic students can either enroll in CC-SHIP or retain comparable coverage via their current health insurance plan or family plan. If a student will use their own health insurance plan or be covered by a parent’s plan, there is a requirement to demonstrate proof of comparable health insurance coverage and waive out of the CC-SHIP by the September 2, 2022.

The cost of the plan for 2022-2023 is $2,262 with coverage extending from 8/15/22 to 8/14/23. The charge for the 12-month plan will be included in the Fall semester tuition eBill issued in mid-July and payable by the published tuition payment deadline of August 24, 2022.

All fall 2022 registered full-time undergraduate students are required to complete an online process at and choose the ‘Enroll or Waive Coverage’ option which will direct the student in one of two paths:
• Waive enrollment in the CC-SHIP by providing details of current insurance coverage; or,
• Confirm enrollment in the CC-SHIP and register for plan documents & Insurance ID Card

The Allen J. Flood Companies will provide confirmation of approved waivers to the student and Student Records and Financial Services Center so that the insurance charge is removed from the student account, usually within 5 business days.  If the student does not waive out of the CC-SHIP by the July 15th deadline, the student will be automatically enrolled, be issued an Insurance ID Card, and be fully liable for the charge for the plan that will remain on the student tuition bill. Education loans can be applied to cover the cost of the CC-SHIP premium.

We encourage a thorough, detailed review of any current plan along with the details of the CC-SHIP plan. One might find that a family insurance plan does not cover services that are out of your geographic network so we encourage those with out-of-state coverage or HMO coverage to review their plans closely and consult with the plan administrator.

Canisius College will continue its health, wellness and mental health counseling services available through the Student Health Center and Counseling Center for undergraduate and graduate students assessed the Health and Wellness Fee each semester, whether enrolled in the CC-SHIP or maintaining alternate coverage. To review services available, visit:
•  Counseling Center
Student Health Services

If you have questions about the new plan, please access or
contact Allen J. Flood Companies by phone 800-734-9326 or email @email.

If you have questions about the billing of the CC-SHIP Plan please contact the Student Records and Financial Services Center at @email or 716-888-2600.

If you are an international student and have questions about automatic enrollment please contact the Office of International Student Programs at @email or 716-888-2400.