Canisius University Teacher Residency Student Stories


WNY Cohort

Students who have completed the Canisius University Residency praise the program for its practical knowledge and the relationships built. 

Teacher residents who have completed the program achieved a 100% job placement rate in the field. 

Hear From Our Students

Isabelle Canisius Residency student

Isabelle, Cohort 5

"After a summer working as a teachers aide for Erie 1 Boces, I realized that I had a passion for working with children and being in a school environment. On the last day of the program, a staff member, and professor at Canisius, recommended this program to me. I applied, interviewed, and was accepted into the program all within a week. It has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience for many reasons, and one of the most valuable aspects to me was getting to work with, learn about, and collaborate with the 14 other members of my cohort. Moving through this entire process alongside a team of individuals that are equally as excited about teaching as I am has been so inspiring."

Mary Canisius teacher residency student

Mary, Cohort 5

"I joined CUTR because I value community. Our cohort, professors, and coaches have created a strong support system that allows us to uplift each other in life, in our schoolwork and in our teaching. The residency year also allows you to become fully immersed in a school community as opposed to just being an outside visitor. I know everyone in my school and have built lasting and impactful relationships.

The residency experience is so extremely valuable and unique. There is great time and care put into matching residents with a mentor they’re compatible with. By being paired with a mentor I know I work well with, get along with, and have great trust in, I’m able to put my full energy into my learning process. I feel comfortable to teach, to try new things, and to make mistakes because of the positive and supporting relationship this program requires of mentors and residents. I’m comforted knowing I have a full residency year to become confident in my teaching and will have the support of my mentor teacher the whole way through.

Switching career paths and deciding to go back to school after 5 years in a different field was not an easy choice. I spent years going back and forth about it and researching programs. Pursuing this program was one of the biggest choices I’ve made for myself in my adult life and it’s a decision I have never once regretted. "

Hayley Canisius residency student

Hayley, Cohort 5

"I joined CUTR about a year after I moved to Buffalo. I was seeking a way to promote positive change and DEI work in the community, and the program was the perfect opportunity to jump right in. To me, one of the most valuable parts of the program has been the local focus; we are learning to be educators here in Buffalo, so our studies are incredibly applicable to my day-to-day work with students. Another powerful tool provided by this program is the strength and support among my cohort. I have a tight-knit group of students and educators who are going through the same hard work but who come to it with vastly different background experiences. I will depend on these colleagues for years to come."


wny teacher residency student at canisius

Ayana B. 

"Being a part of the CUTR program has been invaluable. Since graduating from the program, I've been able to establish connections with my cohort members and professors and apply pedagogical strategies to my everyday instruction. Despite how arduous being a teacher can be, I enjoy having the opportunity to form bonds, watch my students blossom into their individuality, be innovative, work with diverse populations, and incorporate global studies into my math instruction." 

wny teacher residency student at canisius

Brittany R.

"I joined the residency program because the residency year itself really called out to me. I think that having that residency year to be in a classroom with a mentor teacher - observing, co-teaching, and taking over the classroom - is really important and helpful in shaping who I am going to be as a teacher."

wny residency student at canisius college

Rebecca G.K. 

"I love the residency aspect of this program, reinforcing the concepts we are learning in our courses and putting them into practice under the guidance of a mentor teacher. It felt, to me, like the perfect blend of experiential learning, highly focused coursework, and the opportunity to be part of the next generation of teachers fostering equity in urban education."

"I love working with children, and have a particular passion for working with students receiving special education services in urban communities. (See how this program was a perfect fit!?) I want to make sure that every child realizes they have something special to offer the world, and know they deserve nothing less than the best."

wny teacher residency student at canisius

Claire F. 

"I joined CUTR based on the unique second year residency opportunity and the reputation of the professors. I am grateful to work and learn alongside a qualified and experienced mentor teacher - and to be paid while doing it! The Resident-Mentor relationship is a special one that sets this program apart and it's an opportunity that allows me to more than dip my toe into the profession in a safe space, without fear of making mistakes. It is abundantly clear that we are in a program to learn and grow as educators, and I never doubt that our professors, mentors, and colleagues are in my corner, supporting me at every move. This is a role I strive to play in my own classroom: I want to be a teacher because the relationship between us and our students is something very special. Playing a pivotal part of someone's growth, development, and love of learning is the goal."

wny teacher residency student at canisius

Jannatul F. 

"It was an awesome experience to get that opportunity to be a part of CUTR. Being from a different culture and background, I have never felt I am alone or I am not heard! I have been so lucky to get that outstanding support and advice from all of my professors from the program itself. I want to specially mention the residency experience. That opportunity really helps me to see myself through the eyes of the school aged kids where I am working right now, as well as how to connect all those practices that we are learning at colleges to our real-life classroom environment, which was really necessary to see myself growing. Thank you ALL in CUTR! I could not be more thankful!"

Canisius student Lauren R teacher residency

Lauren R. 

"I am beyond grateful to CUTR for supporting me to become the teacher I am today. The unique experience of work side-by-side with a mentor teacher from the beginning of the year to end is an experience you can not achieve with traditional student teaching. I feel confident in my abilities and ready for a profession where I know my role is having a positive impact on my future students and community! The connections I have made with my classroom are ones I will remember for a long time! With the help of Canisius, my mentor teacher, and my amazing students, I know that I am not only entering my career as a teacher, but a high-quality educator. "


canisius student christine teacher residency

Christine B. 

"I joined the CUTR program after looking long and hard at what would give me the best foundation for a long, successful career in education. The most valuable part of this program to me has been, the residency itself. I won’t lie, my experience in the CUTR has been a rather unique one and at times far from ideal, but despite the challenges I do not think I could have gotten a better education and foundation to start my teaching career. Canisius is filled with some of the kindest and most supportive individuals I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. The CUTR faculty and staff are genuinely invested in your success both in and out of the classroom."

claire canisius teacher residency student

Claire G. 

"I joined CUTR because of the residency year. There is nothing better than getting an entire year of experience with a mentor teacher. I have learned more from my mentor teacher than I ever expected. The most valuable part of this experience is the relationships you build with students. Spending an entire year in the classroom helps you form relationships that strengthen your teaching. I can’t imagine having any other experience!"

phoenix brown

Phoenix Brown 

“Being part of the residency program has shown me that I made for this profession. The relationships I’ve built, from all my students to my coworkers, and fellow cohort members will be with me the rest of my life and I genuinely look forward to trying to plant that same feeling of certainty to my students for the rest of my career.” 

jess dillon

Jess Dillon 

"Every day, I have the opportunity to empower young voices, to encourage them to speak up and to stand out and to be brave in the face of adversity. They are learning not only how to change the world, but that they are the individuals who can make it happen."

seth ehrenberg

Seth Ehrenberg 

“What I really enjoy about the CUTR program is the fact that I’m in a classroom, building relationships with my students over the course of a whole year rather than just a 6-7 week placement. It makes it easier to understand their style of learning and make sure I’m adapting to all of their needs. In addition, my students are able to get to know me and can see the joy I have when teaching topics that I am passionate about.”

savannah jonathan

Savannah Jonathan 

“I loved being able to be in a classroom full-time, all year long. It has helped me develop into a better teacher by getting such a valuable experience. I can also apply what I am learning in my graduate classes in a live classroom. The relationships I have been able to build with my students, and the connections I have made I will always remember.”

gabby threet

Gabby Threet 

"I want to become an educator in the urban community to help students academically and to be a relatable teacher that can help students through their life circumstances. The teacher residency program allows me to learn how to meet my student's academic needs, while also teaching them to have a GRIT attitude."

Briana Williams

Briana Williams 

“I can only dedicate this to you (CUTR Co-director, Joyce Fanning). Thank you for everything. Because of you I have been prepared for one of the most challenging tasks I have had to date. Thank you! I will be forever grateful for you.”

“I enjoy having the opportunity to be fully immersed in one classroom from the beginning of the school year until the end. I have had the most meaningful connections with my students because of the relationship we have been able to develop and maintain!”