4+1 Degree BS in Psychology and MS in Data Analytics

Earn Your Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in 5 Years 

Through our accelerated track, you can earn both a bachelor's in psychology and your master's in data analytics in just five years. Learn need-to-know skills and get hands-on experiences in this in-demand field while saving time and money on your education.

Why a 4+1 Program?

  • Start the program as early as your freshman year.
  • Complete your undergraduate and graduate education in just five years as opposed to the usual six.
  • Start taking graduate-level classes during senior year.

Why Data Analytics? 

If the speed with which the phrase “Data is the new oil” became a cliche is any indication, the field of data analysis is booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is projected to grow 35% by 2032 (compare that to the average rate of 3%). Our 4+1 program provides the knowledge, skills and experiences to  succeed in this in-demand field – in less time.

A BS in psychology pairs perfectly with our MS in data analytics, providing a foundation of understanding into human behavior that clarifies and enhances data insights. During your master’s year, you'll learn how to analyze data and present your findings in ways that help businesses, institutions, nonprofits and other organizations make key decisions.

Why Canisius? 

The accelerated track offers a well-rounded perspective consistent with the liberal arts core at Canisius. Along with essential technical expertise, you’ll develop leadership skills that will empower you to thrive in the professional world, such as written and oral communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking. You’ll also cultivate a thoughtful approach to the ethical use of technology. As the capabilities and influences of technology continue to expand rapidly, the world will need just this sort of creative problem-solving and principled leadership more than ever.

Course Roadmap

These classes will be required in addition to the full course roadmap:

  • Electives, taken as an undergraduate
    • MAT 111 Calculus I
  • Graduate-level classes, taken during senior year
    • CSC 511
    • CSC 512 or MAT 500

Learn More

For more information on how the 4+1 program works, please contact our office of undergraduate admissions:

Phone: (716) 888-2200

Email: @email