Housing Rates

2023-2024 HOUSING RATES    
Bosch/Frisch - Double Room $3,330 per semester $6,660 per year
Bosch/Frisch - Single Room $3,600 per semester  $7,200 per year
Bosch/Frisch - Single Suite $3,900 per semester  $7,800 per year
Bosch/Frisch - 4 person Suite $3,650 per semester   $7,300 per year
Delavan Townhouses 2 & 3 person $4,890 per semester   $9,780 per year
Delavan Townhouses 4 & 5 person $4,325 per semester  $8,650 per year
Dugan Hall - 2 Person Suite $4,350 per semester $8,700 per year
Dugan Hall - 4 Person Suite $3,850 per semester $7,700 per year
Village Townhouses 2 & 3 Person Large Bedrooms/Small Bedroom  $4,940 per semester / $4,500 per semester $9,880 per year / $9,000 per year
Graduate Student Delavan Townhouse $2,700 per semester


2023-2024 Food Plan Rates Per Semester Per Year
Griff Unlimited $3,250 per semester $6,500 per year
Griff 15 Meals/Week $3,250 per semester $6,500 per year
Griff 12 Meals/Week $2,950 per semester $5,900 per year
Griff 7 Meals/Week $2,500 per semester $5,000 per year
Super Griff Bucks $750 per semester $1,500 per year
30 Meal Block Plan $650 per semester $1,300 per year
15 Meals per Semester Commuter Meal Plan $150 per plan  
Griff Bucks $25 minimum to enroll and can add in $5 increments  
Griff Choice  $5 minimum to enroll and can add in $5 increments  

Tuition/Housing/Food Refund Policy

No Tuition/Housing/Food Refunds are granted to students who withdrawal from the college without the proper approval.  Deadline dates for withdrawal refunds are listed on the academic calendar.

For food plan rates and options, please visit: Food Plan Options and Rates.

To manage your food plan, log-in to the MyCanisius portal and find the icon under the Financial Services tab.


All residents of Bosch, Frisch or Dugan are required to purchase a Griff Food Plan for the fall and spring semesters.

  • Freshmen may choose Griff Unlimited or Griff 15 Meals/Week Plan.
  • Sophomores, Juniors and seniors may choose Griff Unlimited, Griff 15 Meals/Week, Griff 12 Meals/Week, or Griff 7 Meals/Week Plan.

All other resident and commuter students may choose any Griff Food Plan.

Griff Food Plan enrollment and changes are allowed only through the first week of each semester.

Click here to see Griff Food Plans in detail

**All freshman and sophomore students must live on campus, unless commuting from their permanent address and living with a parent.