Physical Education/Health

School of Education & Human Services

The nation’s continuing focus on health and physical fitness has strengthened the demand for careers in education, sports and recreation. Teach health and physical education to students. Work in a fitness facility or consider a career in recreational activities. You have many options in physical and health education.

The program offers dual initial certification in physical education and health to teach students in kindergarten through grade 12. Declaring a dual major gives you many paths to choose, as you develop knowledge and skills in the areas of health, movement, sports and their interrelated disciplines.

You will complete a total of 300 hours of practicum experiences before you begin student teaching. You have the opportunity to observe and participate as a teacher at a number of schools in the Buffalo metropolitan area. The program also provides an excellent base for graduate study in physical therapy, chiropractic, sports administration and adapted physical education for exceptional children.

Physical Education Standalone Major

Please note that the college offers a standalone Physical Education major. The major is a teacher certification program in physical education (K-grade 12). The department recommends that candidates with an interest in teaching obtain dual certification in physical education and health, but this major may be of interest to candidates who are only interested in teaching physical education. For more information, visit our undergraduate catalog. 

Highlighted Courses

Candidates pursuing the Physical Education/Health Teacher Certification option take a wide range of pedagogical content courses and complete a total of 300 hours of practicum experiences before student teaching.

  • HED 325 School Health
  • HED 326 School Health Curriculum
  • PED 311 Movement and Elementary Activities
  • PED 354 Adapted Physical Education
  • PED 360 Motor Development
  • PED 371 Assessment in Physical Education
  • PED 380 Concepts of Teaching Sports Skills
  • PED 441 Teaching Methods of Physical Education


The Physical and Health Education dual certification program is registered and approved by the New York State Education Department and meets the latest certification regulations.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Physical education majors receive extensive field experience prior to student teaching. Opportunities to observe and participate as a teacher are provided at outstanding schools in the Buffalo metropolitan area. The student teaching experience culminates with workshops in multicultural education, school violence prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, resume and job search techniques, and preparation for the New York State Teacher's Exam.

Faculty Scholarship
Our faculty have been featured and published in multiple publications related to the field. Click to see the full list. 
Faculty Student Collaboration
Students and faculty attend the NYSAHPERD Conference each year to present and connect with others in the discipline.
Extended Learning Opportunities
Majors receive extensive field experience prior to student teaching through service learning, professional develop opportunities and more.