Undergraduate Admissions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is available to discuss your academic and professional goals, and the ways you can reach them.  From the initial conversation to receiving your admission decision, you'll always be treated like the hardworking individual you are—not just another number.  You can even count on us to handle many of the complex details of your application, so you can focus less on paperwork and more on your bright future. 

We are still accepting applications for Fall 2022!

Deadline: Rolling Admissions for Fall 2022 freshmen applicants

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  • A completed application

  • Personal essay (at least 250 words)

  • Official SAT/ACT scores*

  • Official high school transcript


  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher

  • Information on extracurricular involvement

*For first-year undergraduate applicants applying for Fall 2022 Canisius College will not require standardized test scores. 

Test Optional Policy

For first-year undergraduate applicants applying for Spring and Fall 2022, Canisius College will not require standardized test scores. 

Should I still send my standardized test scores if I have them?

When deciding whether or not to send scores, applicants should consider their overall academic record. Applicants should only submit your scores if they believe their scores are an accurate representation of their academic abilities and indicate their ability to be successful in college.

Am I at a disadvantage if I do not send my standardized test scores?

No. There are many other aspects of the application that we review to determine if an applicant is admissible. Through a holistic application review, we take into account an applicant’s academic performance in high school, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities inside and outside of school, and essay.

Will I still be considered for scholarships if I choose to not submit scores?

Yes! Scholarships will be awarded based on the applicant’s high school average if a test score is not submitted.

How will you know if I want to apply test optional?

Applicants can indicate on their application if they plan to submit test scores or not.

Additional Admissions Information

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has been reviewing applications holistically for many years. To us, you are more than just the grades on your transcript or a standardized test score. When reviewing your application we consider a broad range of factors including your experiences, personal qualities, interests, and academic metrics. Reviewing in this way allows us to evaluate an applicants potential to be successful academically as well as how they will contribute to the Canisius community in meaningful ways.

The middle 50% of first year students accepted to Canisius had the following profile:

-High School Average: 85-94%

-SAT Combined Score 1030-1260

-ACT Composite Score: 20-27

While your academic record is an important element of your application for admission, we are also interested in the many other aspects that make you who you are. We are interested in your personal qualities, talents, passions, and interests. We learn this information from the required application items such as your essay, letters of recommendation, and list of extracurricular activities. 

Previously Attended Canisius?

Welcome back! Students who have taken a year or more off or who are looking to come back for a second bachelor’s degree should complete the re-admit application for admission. The Office of Undergraduate Admission will review your application and inform you of your next steps to make your transition back as smooth as possible. In addition to the application, we also request that you send us a brief essay explaining your educational and career goals. Indicate what you plan to accomplish by re-enrolling at Canisius. We also request a recent copy of your resume and any official transcripts from colleges or universities you have attended since you left. If you have any questions, please feel free to email: @email

Re-Admit Application


All-College Honors Program

The All-College Honors program at Canisius offers an extraordinary educational experience to a diverse group of motivated, high-achieving students. This select group represents the top 10 percent of our applicants who have excelled academically in high school and on college entrance exams. All-College Honors graduates are consistently accepted into the nation’s top graduate and professional schools and have high placement rates into jobs within their career fields.    

Honors provides a challenging curriculum and abundant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to nurture the academic, cultural, and social growth of its students.

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