Bias Resource and Response Team (BRRT)

In Spring 2020, the Divisions of Academic and Student Affairs partnered to reconvene a campus wide Bias Resource and Response Team (BRRT). A version of the group has existed at the college since early 2000. In it's current framework, the BRRT develops proactive strategies and response protocols that support a positive campus climate for students, faculty, and staff.


Bias Resource and Response Team Members


  • Sierra Bonerb, Associate Director of Support Services Griff Center for Student Success

  • Sheila Pettigrew, Senior Assistant Director of Career Development & Interim Title IX Coordinator

  • Eileen Herbert, Chief Communications Officer, Marketing & Communications

  • Dr. Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Associate Vice President for Acadadmic Affairs & Associate Professor, Psychology

  • Bennie Williams, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Multicultural Student Center

  • Mark Piatkowski, Associate Director for Student Life

  • Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion (Co-Chair)

  • Alexis Browning, Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Representative

  • Jeannette Delaney, Sr. Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

  • Erika Seagren, Asst. Athletic Director for Compliance

  • Kimberly Beaty, Director of Public Safety

  • Dr. Anita Butera, Asst. Professor of Criminal Justice

  • Dr. Aimee Larson, Director of Physician Assistant Program

  • Dr. Jonathan Lawrence, Assoc. Professor, Religious Studies & Theology

  • Jodel Woods, Housekeeping & Facilities Manager

  • John Tychinski, Chartwells Dining Services Representative

  • TBA, ALANA Student Center Representative

  • TBA, Global Horizons Student Representative

  • Keith Powers, Unity Student Representative

  • Cliff-Simon Vital, Residence Hall Director and Graduate Student Representative

  • Linda Walleshauser, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Campus Policies

Bias Reporting Options

Should you wish to make a Bias Report, you can choose to complete the online report form available in myCanisius, leave a message on the Bias Hotline 716-888-BIAS(2427), or contact the BRRT Co-Chairs directly. To access the Bias Report Form in myCanisius, please click on the link below. Please note: The link may require you to log-in to myCanisius, however the log-in is not associated with the form. Individuals have the option to report anonymously.