Faith and Culture in Modern El Salvador

Sponsored by the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), this seminar will focus on faith and justice in the context of civil wars and modernization.  The seminar will explore Mayan ruins and Catholic and Mayan spiritualities in ancient villages along Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Students will travel to Guatemalan and Salvadoran civil war sites, and visit agencies which deal with the many different social repercussions from the wars. In addition, we will visit Catholic cathedrals, Pentecostal mega-churches, and hear presentations from experts in various fields.  Included in the seminar will be opportunities for fun things like shopping, golfing, visits to the beach, and coffee plantations.

Credit Information:  3 credits, with Global Awareness Attribute

Cost: $3,000 (estimate)

When it will run again: June, 2020

Contact info: Dr.Timothy Wadkins (