IGSOR 307: Faith and Education on the Slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro

This seminar takes place in Marangu, Tanzania, a small village on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We will stay at a hotel which is a converted coffee plantation from the colonial era, teach in public and private elementary schools in the village, listen to presentations by various experts in education, religion, and public health, and local history, visit and worship in various religious communities, visit with local villagers from the Chagga tribe, hike the lush forests in the area, and feast on delicious food prepared at the hotel. Every evening we will spend at least two hours reflecting on and trying to understand the very beautiful but complicated social and cultural structures of this community. This seminar will include a hike up to the first hut on Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as a two- day wild animal viewing safari.

Credit information: 3 credit course for the Fall semester. Field One, Global Awareness Attribute.

Cost: $4,ooo (estimate)

When it will run again:  June 2019

Contact info: Dr. Timothy Wadkins (Wadkins@canisius.edu)