MGT 380B: Business, Ecology and Sustainability in Brazil

The course is a combination of online learning and field work, both in Buffalo and in Brazil.  During the spring semester, part of the course consists of readings and Discussion Forums using the D2L Course Management program.  In addition, we work with some local agencies involved in sustainable development projects here in the Buffalo area.  The goal of this activity is to introduce students to the important issues that impact our lives here in Western New York.  These activities are followed by a period of Field Work in Brazil consisting of formal lectures, presentations and interactive group work after the conclusion of spring courses.  After returning from Brazil, each student will continue to do research on their term paper. This is open to all undergraduate majors and to MBA students.

Credit information: 3 credit course

Cost: $2,500

When it will run again: In 2019

Contact info: Dr. Coral Snodgrass (