Canisius Receives Cummings Grant to Construct Allied Health Laboratories

July 30, 2018

BUFFALO, NY ‒ The James H. Cummings Foundation has awarded $150,000 to Canisius College for the construction of a state-of-the-art allied health laboratories necessary to launch its new Physician Assistant graduate program.

A state of the art simulation based gross anatomy lab will be constructed on 3,240 square feet of the sub-level of Science Hall. It will be equipped with five Anatomage virtual dissection tables  for student instruction. This technology has been shown to successfully replace the use of cadavers in gross anatomy laboratories at top-ranked medical schools, as well as highly regarded Physician Assistant programs at many colleges and universities in the United States. 

Anatomage is a state-of-the-art interactive virtual dissection tool that enables learners to navigate through life-size 3D images of full body male and female anatomy. Using a touch pad, images can be annotated, rotated 360 degrees, cut in any plane, and layered to demonstrate skin, muscle and underlying structures. The table’s digital library contains more than 200 pre-loaded anatomic pathology cases but any medical imaging data can be downloaded and configured as high-quality interactive 3D renderings that can be added to the table’s radiology teaching files. Additionally, instructors can load customized grafts, implants, and medical devices with 3D printing capability.

A 2,070 square-foot laboratory including nine examination rooms will be constructed and equipped for student instruction on the sub-level of Science Hall. The spaces will be equipped with gurneys, hospital beds and high-fidelity patient simulators (HPS). Research shows that students exhibit increased autonomy and self-confidence when delivering patient care after practicing first with high-fidelity human patient simulators (HPS).  Practicing clinical skills on a high-fidelity HPS will allow students in the Physician Assistant program to learn in a highly adaptable, safe educational environment that fosters autonomy, independence, and the development of sound analytical skills. These simulation labs will better prepare students for rigorous clinical assignments across the healthcare continuum.

James H. Cummings Foundation was established to support the philanthropic vision of its namesake. Throughout its 52-year history, the Foundation has aided countless organizations engaged in advancing charitable interests according to the guidelines and policies espoused by Mr. Cummings. The foundation’s interests are directed toward not-for-profit organizations actively engaged in post-secondary medical education, medical research and education, services for underprivileged children and assisting aged and infirm persons located in their targeted geographic areas.

 Canisius College is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the nation and the premier private university in Western New York.