Finger Lakes Community College Articulation Agreements

Articulation Course Equivalency is an advisement resource for students and academic advisors. It includes requirements for the two-year degree with Canisius College course equivalents and recommendations. Students should work with their advisor at their two-year college to ensure they are taking the correct courses to completing their degrees. 

Articulation Agreement is the formal agreements signed by officials at both the two-year college and Canisius College. 

Program Roadmap outlines the recommended semester schedule for a Canisius College program. It focuses specifically on the program's course requirements. This outline does not take into consideration the courses that may be transferring in from a two-year college. This is only meant to serve as a reference tool.


Canisius Programs Articulation Course Equivalency Articulation Agreement Program Roadmap
Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation Environmental Studies Agreement  Roadmap
Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies Agreement  Roadmap
Environmental Studies Environmental Studies Agreement  Roadmap