Road Less Traveled Pilgrimage

The Road Less Traveled Seminar Series

The Institute for Global Engagement presents, the Road Less Traveled Seminar Series for Alumni and other post-college adults. Seminars are led by distinguished Canisius Faculty members or Canisius Alumni. Past featured locations have been all around the world, including, El Salvador, The Philippines, and now currently, Cuba and Spain. If you are interested in either of the Road LessTraveled seminars offered below, please reach out to the Institute for Global Engagement.


Trip to Cuba: Fidel, Jesuit Values & the Cuban Revolution

January 1-13, 2019

Registration by November 1st

Join the Department of Modern Language's Chair, Richard Reitsma, PhD, in an Alumni Seminar to Havan, Cuba. Explore Cuba and the history of it's Revolution's Jesuit backgrounds. Through visits in and around Havana and Santa Clara, particiapants will experience the hybrid culture that is reflected in its cuisine, music, religious practices, and art and architecture. Slots are limited- register today!


El Camino de Sanitago Pilgrimmage, Spain

May 24- June 2, 2019

Registration by March 1st

Walking is not only a form of excercise but a time to recenter, relax and receive inspiration. Join Alice Zicari, '13 and Matthew Cortese, SJ on a centuries-old, Christian pilgrimmage from Sarria, Spain to the Cathedreal of Santiago de Compostela in Santiago, Spain. Known as "El Camino," this pilgrimmage takes walkers through the wooded and hilly country-side of Lugo province, with small villages and hostels as stops along the way.