Griff Center

The Griff Center for Student Success provides comprehensive programs, services, and resources to support student academic and career success and a transformative learning experience grounded in our Catholic, Jesuit mission. The Griff Center is a hub for academic and career advising and has staff ready to assist students to become successful lifelong learners.


Academic Achievement

The Griff Center has professional staff and resources to help you decide on a major.  Starting at New Student Orientation, you will learn your top five talents by taking the Clifton Strengths for Students.  You can also take the Strong Interest Inventory and meet one-on-one with a Griff Center team member to develop an individualized plan for success.  Take the Major Matters Class (Griff 203) to learn how to put your strengths and interests together to explore majors and minors through coursework and extracurricular activities.

Career Development

Career Development

The Griff Center provides personalized services and programs to meet the complete career development needs of Canisius students and alumni. Whether you need help choosing a major, exploring careers, finding an internship or developing job search skills, our staff is here to help you make the necessary preparations to achieve your goals and to ensure a successful transition from academic life to the working world.

Accessibility Support

Accessibility Support

We are committed to creating equal access for all Canisius students, whether the accommodation is permanent or temporary. In addition to administering accommodations to students registered with accessibility support, the Griff Center oversees all proctoring of special need and make up exams. Students who are registered with accessibility support use this service a great deal due to travel required of their sport, family and health issues, and/or course conflict.

Scuba (Study) Zone

The Scuba (Study) Zone is open to all students and provides an opportunity for students to focus on their academic work in a quiet environment where tutors are available across the hall in tutoring services to answer questions and provide academic support.

Strengths at Canisius

CliftonStrengths for Students assists students in identifying and optimizing their strengths and applying them to all aspects of their lives. The Griff Center is here to guide a student through the different themes, develop ways to incorporate those strengths into his/her daily life, and build upon them as he/she explores academic and career goals.

Transfer Student Services

Transfer Student Services

Thank you for choosing Canisius College for the next segment of your academic journey. We are extremely happy to have you here and hope that your experiences will be academically and personally fulfilling. As part of your first year experience, you have an advocate in the Griff Center for Student Success.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services provide a variety of opportunities for all Canisius students to achieve their own academic success. The services are free-of-charge and peer and adjunct professor tutors employ various academic strategies in the majority of academic disciplines to help address individual student needs. 

Veteran Affairs

Veterans Affairs

The Griff Center is dedicated to providing an environment that is supportive and friendly, where students feel comfortable seeking assistance concerning both academic and non-academic issues.

Location, Hours and Staff

The Griff Center is comprised of professionals who are trained in student development; who offer academic and career assistance; and provide services tailored to address the diverse developmental stages of a student’s academic career. Click here to read more information about our staff, locations, and hours.

Canisius College Writing Center

The Canisius College Writing Center is a resource for anyone to bring their writing and receive one-on-one peer tutoring. The writing center is staffed with trained Canisius students that are willing to help with any stage of the writing process. Examples of common writing center appointments include: Understanding an assignment, developing a thesis, brainstorming ideas, outlining, assisting with proofreading.