Excellence Within Reach

Setting A New Standard In Affordability

Undergraduate Tuition Reduced by 23% Beginning Fall 2018

More than ever before, the cost of a private education appears unaffordable. The process has become a maze of high tuition prices, high discounts and lack of transparency that turns away too many qualified students. Canisius believes the time has come to reverse this trend. Excellence Within Reach, our tuition reduction initiative, is a forward step designed to increase access and bring the transformative experience of a Catholic, Jesuit education within closer reach for all.

Excellence Within Reach lowers our undergraduate tuition by 23% -- resetting it to 2008 levels. It’s a move designed to narrow the gap between our published price and what students actually pay after their financial aid is applied, making Canisius a more realistic possibility from the start. It also reduces housing costs by $2,000, making it more affordable to live on campus. And it maintains our commitment to scholarships and financial aid, further reducing a student’s cost of attendance. When you add it all up, Excellence Within Reach makes Canisius more accessible and affordable for students and families who previously thought a premiere, private education was beyond their reach.

Affordability and accessibility have been part of the Canisius mission for nearly 150 years. Through Excellence Within Reach we’re simply making an education already recognized as an exceptional value – an even better one.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why is Canisius College reducing its tuition?
    • Who is eligible to receive the new tuition rate?
    • Will Canisius still offer financial aid and scholarships?
    • Will graduate tuition be changing with this new program?
    • Will tuition ever return to the current level?
    • When does the new tuition go into effect?
    • How will current students be affected?
    • Will academic or extra-curricular opportunities be affected?
    • How can we afford to do this?

    Transformative Learning

    • Becoming people with and for others
    • Real learning for the real world
    • Professional experience at the highest level
    • Fully prepared for the next step

    Recognized For Excellence

    The Canisius name is synonymous with excellence. It’s the standard for all that we do -- from immersive academic learning to transformative experiences that show our students the value of becoming men and women for and with others. Each year, Canisius earns high marks for excellence and value, and that's something we're proud to make available to more students with Excellence Within Reach.