Changing the Lives of Canisius Students

February 2, 2022

Every Griff has heard about the Canisius Fund, but how many know what it really is and does?

The Canisius Fund provides flexible, unrestricted support, allowing Canisius to meet and respond to the most urgent needs. These gifts can be spent as soon as they are made, and are directed wherever the need is greatest.

For instance, gifts to the Canisius Fund have helped underwrite the Center for International Education, a clearinghouse of information and opportunities for students and faculty on international experiences. Canisius Fund gifts have helped increase the number of students engaged in experiential learning and given innovation on campus the oxygen it needs to breathe by supporting academic scholarship, faculty development and faculty-student collaboration.  

The Canisius Fund provides the impetus for curriculum revitalization. And perhaps most importantly, the Canisius Fund supports scholarships in real time, ensuring any student with aspiration for a Jesuit education is able to make a choice based on values, not finances.

Annual gifts to the Canisius Fund each year go to work immediately to support our college and each and every student.

For every $1 donated to the Canisius Fund, 44 cents supports direct student scholarships, 37 cents aids academic support and educational instruction and 19 cents assists in student services and program enhancements. Canisius Fund gifts are powerful and the possibilities that they can create are limitless.

With your support, there is truly no limit to what Canisius and our students can achieve! Please make your Canisius Fund gift today.