Griffs Under 40: Caroline C. Robert '12

July 18, 2017

Buffalo, NY - Caroline C. Robert always knew she wanted to protect and serve her native Canada.  So it was a proud moment, in 2013, when she became a member of the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and donned its iconic Red Serge uniform. 

A junior in service with Canada’s national, provincial and municipal policing body, Robert patrols a 50-mile frontier that surrounds the rural farming community of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, just north of Montana.  Her responsibilities are similar to that of a U.S. police officer: to ensure the safety and security of those in the communities she serves. 

Her training was rigorous and competitive. 

Robert’s natural aptitude led her to score well on the highly competitive written test required for recruits (only one in six pass).  She also excelled during the rigorous mental and physical training at Depot, the RCMP academy. 

The daughter of an Ottawa police officer, Robert was understandably attracted to a career in law enforcement.  But the flexibility of rotating assignments coupled with more than 150 specialized areas of policing attracted Robert to the RCMP.

She hopes to join the dive and underwater recovery team, once her general duty assignment is complete.

When the force was founded in 1873, RCMP officers wore the traditional Red Serge uniform and patrolled on horseback. Today, called the “musical ride,” this is just one specialty in the RCMP. While she never rode a horse, Roberts dons the Red Serge for special occasions such as Canada Day and community policing.

She remains firmly dedicated and proud to be a part of a tradition that began nearly 150 years ago.