Is it Your Reunion Year?

February 3, 2020

Does your class year end in a 0 or 5? If so, this year is a momentous one for you and Canisius College. As Canisius celebrates its 150th anniversary, this year also marks the anniversary of your graduation from alma mater. What an excellent opportunity for you to honor the past by personally investing in the future of Canisius with a reunion gift!

Make A Gift

Many reunion alumni have already supported Canisius Fund 150 – the special sesquicentennial fundraising campaign that aims to double funding for our students’ greatest needs. Read why they give back and make your reunion gift by clicking the make a gift button below!

Susan Marchione

[Susan Marchione, Ed.D ’85, MS ’99] "I give back to alma mater to help ensure that other students are provided the gift of a Canisius College education. My undergraduate and graduate studies sparked my passion for service to the community and a love for life-long learning, and taught me communication, leadership, and creativity skills that I use in both my personal and professional life. Thank you, Canisius!”

Julio Talledo

[Julio Talledo ’00] “My wife, Caren (Caren Gellin-Talledo ’00), and I donated to Canisius because we believe in the mission of the institution and the contribution it makes to our society.   Canisius College broadened our horizons spiritually, academically, and professionally. Our time at Canisius positively impacted every facet of our lives.”

Neil Savoy

[Neil Savoy ’15, MS ’18] “I can’t believe I’ll be celebrating my five-year reunion from Canisius this year. It’s a great time to think back about my Canisius experience and all that I was afforded. I’m going to give back and pay it forward to current Griffins so they have the same opportunities I did. I hope everyone celebrating a reunion this year will join me!”