Reimagining the Canisius Campus

December 8, 2021

Canisius is proceeding with its strategic vision to create a modern, urban campus that remains connected to its community.  The college announced new developments this fall, which included the unveiling of plans to complete the renovation of Science Hall.  

To date, Canisius has invested $40 million in the overhaul of more than half the building, including the lower and first levels, and a portion of the third level.  Renovation of the second level is set to start in early 2022.  

The $17.6 million project includes a revamp of 60,000 square feet of classroom, laboratory and office space to house Canisus’ nationally recognized programs in biology, anthrozoology, and animal behavior, ecology and conservation (ABEC).  

The college plans to finance the project with a $4.4 million New York State Higher Education Capital (HECap) matching grant, awarded in summer 2021.  New York State requires the grant is matched on a 3:1 basis, which Canisius will satisfy through private philanthropy and fundraising efforts.  

Proceeds from the sale of the Health Science Building also will help fund the Science Hall renovations. The 90,000 square-foot building, located at the corner of Delavan and Jefferson avenues, went on the real estate market this fall.  Canisius is seeking a strategic purchaser, whose needs and operations are synergistic with the college’s mission and programs.  

As Canisius makes improvements to the campus, it’s also paving the way for neighborhood redevelopment.  

Canisius plans to raze the nearly 70-year old parking ramp adjacent to Science Hall.  In its place, the college will construct a surface parking lot to better accommodate the needs of the campus community.  The new parking facility will be well lit, provide areas of green space and integrate pedestrian and bicycle-friendly design elements.  The $4 million project is scheduled for completion in spring 2022. The sale of Griffin Hall and Main Humboldt apartment complexes will in part fund the project.