Criminal Justice

Undergraduate: Major, Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

To study criminal justice is to study criminal law, criminal procedure and the range of topics related to enforcement of criminal law. It includes understanding criminal behavior as it relates to social context and learning about the enforcement practices that are in place to keep social order and punish those who would violate the criminal law. You will learn about the details that go into policy making and enforcing the rules of the many branches of the criminal justice system; uncovering career paths in each one. Through a Criminal Justice degree, you have the opportunity to enter over a hundred careers; including CIA, FBI, police, US marshals, the courts and even criminal psychologist work.

Program Description

The Criminal Justice curriculum is designed to teach you the history, application and impact of the criminal justice system. Coursework resembles a liberal arts program and covers multiple disciplines including criminology, psychology, sociology and anthropology. You will study empirical data, ethics, and enforcement of law, as well as numerous topics devoted to specific issues facing the criminal justice system today. If you are preparing for law school, you can declare a Criminal Justice major and still be eligible for the Pre-Law program. A minor in Criminal Justice is also available if you have a career interest to apply criminal justice to your major curriculum.


Graduates of the Criminal Justice department have seen success nationwide, at all levels of the criminal justice system. Students frequently dual major, pairing criminal justice with degrees in psychology, political science or sociology. Professors have the benefit of academic success in the criminal justice field, as well as professional experience as judges, lawyers, and police officers.


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Internships and Societies

Criminal justice students benefit from internships in local government and law enforcement agencies, plus the opportunity to join the local chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma

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