Catholic Studies

Undergraduate: Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

For a program that dives right into the meaning of your Jesuit education, Catholic Studies is the minor to pursue. The Jesuit traditions of education and research inform the teaching philosophy of the Catholic Studies program. Taking this minor grants the opportunity for a unique understanding and perspective of Catholicism. You will study the origins and the major texts of Catholicism, tracing great thinkers, philosophers and writers from modern discourse all the way back to biblical times. The Catholic Studies minor is ideal for students interested in working in Catholic schools or in a non-profit organization, who intend to enter seminary, or who are interested in theology, art, music, literature, philosophy, history, politics, sociology or the sciences.

Program Description

With the minor in Catholic Studies you will find a deeper understanding of the Catholic philosophical and social tradition, as it relates to your chosen field. You will be able to think critically about the Catholic contribution to a specific field, and engage in research and discourse about the Catholic heritage. Courses range from philosophy, literature and history, to world studies, politics and art history. Through the minor, you will be able to take part in several events throughout the school year and take internships with religious organizations. You’ll even have the ability to pursue an independent study of your chosen facet of Catholicism, guided by accomplished professors representing several fields of study.


Catholic Studies will allow you to design a sub-specialty that stands with your major to showcase your diversity of interests and a deeper background. Rigorous, varied study is an imperative tenant to the Jesuit education philosophy and important to preparing for your future in whichever career path you've chosen.


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Extended Learning Opportunities

The Catholic Studies program hosts several annual events and lets students culminate their work in an individually tailored independent study.

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