Coaching Minor

School of Education & Human Services

The Coaching Minor is a common minor for many physical education or sport pedagogy students. The courses in the minor can be attached to any major. Completion of the minor often leads to graduate work at the master’s degree level in Coaching Science. The courses can also lead to NY State certification. The minor focuses upon the principles of effective coaching including the role of the coach, practice planning, leadership styles, organization and management, ethics and values clarification, goal setting, communication, career objectives, coaching burn-out and sport psychology. The overriding theme examines the interpersonal strategies leading to a productive coach-athlete relationship. Some courses have specific prerequisites, which are stated in the course descriptions.


Course List
PED 351 Coaching Theory and Techniques 3
PED 365 Principles and Philosophy of Coaching 3
KIN 337 Exercise Principles and Applications 3
Select three of the following PED or KIN electives (please consult Coaching Minor Advisor): 9

PED 380

Concepts of Teaching Sport Skills  

KIN 115

Basic Nutrition  

KIN 170

Emergency Care  

KIN 220

Healthy Behaviors  

KIN 336

Physiology of Exercise  

KIN 350

Organization and Administration of Health and Wellness  

KIN 361

Psychology of Sport and Mental Health  

KIN 420

Strength & Conditioning Applications  

KIN 425

Evolution of Disease and Illness  
Total Credits 18