Leadership Development

Group photo from the Fall 2022 Leadership Retreat

Leadership Development is one of the cores of the SELD mission. We believe with our entire being that leadership is something that can be learned and that anyone has the capacity to be a leader. With servant leadership as our guiding philosophy we are dedicated to molding our students to be the next generation change makers wherever life takes them.

Leadership Conference

Every August we welcome our student leaders back early for a three day leadership conference! This conference is attended by our club leaders, Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, and more. The goal of this conference is to bring all of our student leaders together to spend some time developing ourselves as well as planning for the year ahead!

Leadership Retreat

Each semester we take a group of students out to the Beaver Hollow Conference Center to spend the weekend reflecting on what it means to be a leader and how we can leave a lasting legacy. This trip is a transformational experience for all who attend:


What do I value, what do I strive for , how can I be better for those around me. These are all questions that were tackled in my experience on the leadership retreat. I would absolutely recommend going on this retreat if you have a personal desire to be better and improve yourself.- Dakari Sawyers, Class of 2026

The leadership retreat was truly a transformative experience. I really enjoyed being outside with my peers away from campus. The beautiful nature made for a very relaxing weekend and really gave us all a chance to bond. I learned a lot about my own leadership strengths and what I value most in life. I also had an opportunity to confront why I was doing some of the things I am doing and think intentionally about how I want to implement the new skills I learned. I was able to refocus my mind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Buffalo. Not to mention I had so much fun with all my new friends!- Natalie Faas, Class of 2024