Certification in NYS - TEACH

This page was designed to assist our School of Education and Human Services students and alumni with the NYS certification process.  The contents on this page will help you address questions you may have, provide links to relevant NYSED website pages and assist you with completing your certification application.

The links below will provide you with step-by-step instructions to apply for certification.  TEACH codes are included. 


Advanced Certificate 

Adv Cert TEACH Codes

NYSCTE Exam Guidance
Creating at TEACH Account

Before you sign up for a TEACH account, review these instructions.

TEACH Account Step-by-Step Instructions

If you are ready to create your TEACH account, click below.

TEACH Account-Direct Link

Request for Endorsement

Request for Endorsement

For those who have completed their requirements and are ready to apply for CERTIFICATION or your ADVANCED CERTIFICATE but require endorsement from Canisius College, please click on the button below:


I need to request endorsement

Complete Form for Endorsement

Transcript Requests

If  you require a copy of your transcripts, this can be done through the link below.

*Please note that Canisius College cannot send transcripts to TEACH on your behalf.

Transcript Request

COVID-19 Emergency Certificate/General Guidance

General Guidance from NYSED on COVID-19 in schools

COVID-19 Information

To apply for an Emergency Certificate due to COVID-19

Emergency COVID-19 Certification

Internship Certificates
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