Center for Online Learning & Innovation

The Center for Online Learning & Innovation helps faculty, students, and staff use internet resources to reach the potential of their better selves academically and professionally.  We support information technology use in face-to-face, online, and hybrid coursework. COLI also fosters innovation through technology across campus, in scholarly or artistic creation, extracurricular opportunities, and administration.

What We Do


Technology in Teaching & Learning

COLI supports faculty and students using information technology for teaching and learning in coursework at Canisius College.  We provide training and consultation in a variety of web-based tools and resources, helping novice, intermediate, and experienced technology users.  Many Canisius faculty are pioneering new instruction methods in the classroom and on the web, so we make it easier for faculty to learn from each other.  We work closely with Canisius Information Technology Services, to bring faculty perspectives into the technology procurement or upgrade decisions, and everyday maintenance.  

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Online Learning

Canisius College offers 12 unique online degrees and 5 online certificates. COLI ensures the campus is meeting state authorization and accreditation requirements, as well as helps support faculty and students at a distance.  Within the Canisius community COLI represents the perspectives of online programs and faculty.

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We use the term 'innovation' to describe everything else we do to help faculty and staff on campus develop new processes and use technology in ways that save them time. This includes (but is not limited to) research, scholarly work, and administrative tasks.



COLI Staff

Mark Gallimore, Ph.D., Instructional Designer

For over five years, Dr. Mark Gallimore has been helping Canisius faculty, staff, and students select and employ web-based technologies to improve their work, save time, and refocus their efforts on what matters most.  He also teaches American History courses, and has scholarly interests in the Digital Humanities and History of Technology.