Center for Online Learning & Innovation

The Center for Online Learning & Innovation supports three concrete efforts at the college. First, it promotes, supports and guides academic technology initiatives. Second, it serves as a central point of contact for distance learning needs, coordinates departmental efforts for online learning, quality assurance and consistency in online courses, and online innovation endeavors. Lastly, it encourages innovation across campus through technology and new processes, including in teaching and learning and everyday work.

What We Do


Technology in Teaching & Learning

Technology infuses classrooms with digital learning tools, such as computers and handheld devices; expands course offerings, experiences, and learning materials; and supports learning 24 hours a day. COLI’s role on campus includes supporting, training, and advocating for academic technology on campus.

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Online Learning

Canisius College offers 12 unique online degrees and 5 online certificates. COLI ensures the campus is meeting state authorization and accreditation requirements, as well as helps support faculty and students at a distance. COLI also advocates for online education, both internally and externally.

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We use the term 'innovation' to describe everything else we do to help faculty and staff on campus develop new processes and use technology in ways that save them time. COLI offers trainings and events focused on this theme.

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COLI Staff

Leah MacVie, Director
Mark Gallimore, Ph.D., Instructional Designer

Years at Canisius: ​8

Lead on: ​Online Learning, Innovation

Academic Areas of Research: ​Higher Education Evolution, Systems Science, Futures Thinking

Years at Canisius:​ 5

Lead on:​ Technology in Teaching & Learning

Academic Areas of Research: ​History of Technology, Digital Humanities