Jonathan D. Lawrence

Associate Professor

Canisius professor Jonathan Lawrence

University of Notre Dame - Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary - Master of Divinity
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Wallenberg Scholar
Haverford College - B.A. in English

CT 1004

Dr. Lawrence enjoys bringing literature, movies, music, and art into discussions of religious traditions, beliefs, and practices. As an ordained minister, he is interested in questions of faith and belief but tries to discuss these issues in class in a way that can engage students from different religious perspectives, even those who do not consider themselves religious. He often uses service learning and site visits as a way to introduce students to the religious history of Buffalo and issues of justice in the community. He is currently engaged in a study of religious diversity in Buffalo and is compiling an online map of Buffalo's religious communities including oral histories and other historical data.


  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary - Distinguished Alumnus in Education
  • Canisius Mission and Identity Summer Research Grant
  • USIA Research Fellowships in Jerusalem and Amman for Dissertation Research


Book:  Washing in Water: Trajectories of Ritual Bathing in the Hebrew Bible and Second        
         Temple Literature Society of Biblical Literature -  Academia Biblica Series                  2006

“The Use of Water as a Healing Ritual” Plainviews 13(7). July 20, 2016. ( Co-written with Miriam Berkowitz and Paula Rose                                                                                                                     July 2016

Voices of Justice in Buffalo – Edited film                                              August 2013

Listening to Diverse Voices – TEDxBuffalo -          October 2012

Seeking Water, Seeking God – Interfaith Film Festival (Online)                                           2011
         Recipient: IFFF 2011CE "Nature Appreciation" Award                                                         

“Finishing the Page” Broad Magazine –A Feminist & Social Justice Magazine
         Issue 53, December 2012, p. 32                                                                                      2012