Shyam Sriram, PhD

Assistant Professor

Sriram canisius professor
  • PhD - Political Science - University of California at Santa Barbara
    (Fields: American Politics, Religion & Politics)
  • MA - Political Science - University of California at Santa Barbara
  • MA - Political Science - Georgia State University
    (Fields: American Politics, Public Law)
  • BA - Political Science - Purdue University
    (Minors: Jewish Studies, English Literature)
LY 224

Dr. Sriram is an expert on refugee resettlement and loves to research, teach, and explain the intricacies of American politics and policies. He is the first person in his family born in America and considers two places home: Chicago and Atlanta. He loves mentoring and co-authoring articles with his students. He moved to Buffalo in May 2022 from Spokane, WA where he taught at Gonzaga. Although raised in a Hindu family, Dr. Sriram converted to Islam in 2006. He comes to Canisius with the hope of inspiring students to appreciate our interconnected and intersectional world.


2018 Critical Refugee Studies Grant [$4,000], the Critical Refugee Studies Collective (Funded by the University of California Office of the President Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives)

2017 Manzer Wesson Award, Best Graduate Student Publication, Department of Political Science, University of California at Santa Barbara 

2016 Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Critical Languages Fellowship [$7,500], Nepali Summer Language Program, Cornell University (U.S. Department of Education)

2015 and 2017 Nominee, Teaching Assistant of the Year, Graduate Student Association, University of California at Santa Barbara 

2015 – 2016 Professor Thomas F. O’Dea Memorial Award for Academic Achievement in the Study of Religion and Society, Department of Religious Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara


Sriram, Shyam K., Maddie Sontag, Caroline Corker, and Emma Randich. 2022. “What Trigger Laws Tell Us about Abortion Policy and Politics in the United States.” United States Politics and Policy Blog (London School of Economics).

Visalvanich, Neil and Shyam K. Sriram. 2022. “Imperative Patriotism and Minority Candidacies: Examining the Role of Military Status in Racial Evaluations of South Asian Candidates,” Political Research Quarterly.

Sriram, Shyam K., Stacy Cavanaugh, Annie Faulkner, and Mackenzie Winchester-Daniel. 2021. “How a Patchwork of State Taxes Creates Menstrual Inequity in the U.S.” United States Politics and Policy Blog (London School of Economics), 12 October.

Sriram, Shyam K. 2020. “White Nationalism.” Routledge Encyclopedia of Race & Ethnicity (2nd ed.). Eds: Stephen M. Caliendo and Charlton McIlwain.

Sriram, Shyam K. 2020. “The Hierarchical Integration Model of Refugee Resettlement,” Journal of Political Science, 48 (1): 7 – 29.