Caitlin Hambridge

Adjunct Faculty

Caitlin Hambridge began teaching at Canisius University in the fall of 2021, following her return to her hometown of Buffalo, NY after over a decade of working in Sarasota, FL. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo in 2007 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy also from the University at Buffalo in 2010. Upon her graduation from PT school, she began working as an outpatient neurological physical therapist for the Sarasota Memorial Hospital health care system. Over her 10+ year career at this facility, she especially enjoyed mentoring and training students as a clinical instructor and neuro specialist. She also served as a teaching assistant for Cornell's Center for Plant Based Nutrition Studies from 2020-2021. Now at Canisius, she really enjoys connecting with her students and using her extensive clinical experience to prepare them to excel in their fields of choice upon leaving the classroom.


Certified Stroke Rehab Specialist 2016- obtained grant from Sarasota Memorial Foundation to fund and obtain.


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