Karl Kozlowski


Chair, Department of Kinesiology

BS, Coaching Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo
EdM, Higher Education Administration, State University of New York at Buffalo
PhD, Rehabilitation Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo
Fellow, Physical Activity and Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

KC 214

Dr. Kozlowski seeks to encourage life-long learning as a foundation for students’ achievement and personal advancement. He continually stresses the investigation of “why” as opposed to simply “what” is happening through the use clinical cases and current events, including the integration of news, science, technology, and social media outlets.

Dr. Kozlowski has teaching expertise at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in wellness, physical activity, exercise science, and human motion, combined with athletic injury, sports medicine and therapeutic exercise. He currently teaches undergraduate courses in health behavior, exercise principles and kinesiology.

Dr. Kozlowski’s research focuses on exercise as a non-pharmaceutical treatment for disease, injury and disability. His research includes the diagnostic value of exercise testing, the prospective benefits and outcomes associated with high-intensity, functional exercise and the use of exercise in patients with concussion and in children with autism.


Dr. Kozlowski’s publication, “Exercise Intolerance in Post Concussion Syndrome” was honored by the Journal of Athletic Training as the 2014 recipient of the Clint Thompson Award for Clinical Practice Advancement.


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