Women and Gender Studies

Undergraduate: Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

Studying the complexities in social issues, especially for the purpose of justice and equality, is at the heart of the Jesuit education. Understanding concepts such as gender, sex, and the social structures that define these ideas is a powerful tool in the increasingly diverse academic and professional world. The Women & Gender Studies minor seeks to equip students with an understanding of the historical, social, racial and psychological context of gender. Understanding diversity is essential to any path in life, and students that take up the minor are prepared for a career or graduate work in law, business, social work, counseling or a number of other fields.

Program Description

The Women & Gender Studies minor provides an integrated approach to understanding the social, political, and cultural constructions of gender that shape the experiences of women and men. The curriculum offers a solid foundation in critically thinking through the relationships of identity and power and in critically examining and judging the oppressions and injustices that surround us. The minor thus educates students in becoming “women and men with and for others.”


Each spring the Canisius College Women's Studies Committee presents three I. Joan Lorch Awards; a prestigious honor for individuals who have impacted women's causes on the campus.


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