Answer The Call: The Strategic Plan for Canisius University 

Throughout history, Jesuits have responded to the signs of the times with action. As a Jesuit work, Canisius University embraces this moment as an opportunity to act. Our planet and its people are calling out for help. The world is in desperate need for leadership. Canisius University, and all who love her, must rise to meet the moment.

This strategic plan sets forth how the Canisius University community will Answer The Call.

I. Academic Excellence and Innovation

Expand into emerging academic fields that prepare students to be dynamic leaders in an evolving global marketplace

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  1. canisius academic plan
    Develop programs for adult learners that increase pathways to career advancement and economic mobility.
  2. Ensure every undergraduate student has engaged in at least three high-impact experiences to better prepare for a life of leadership.
  3. Incorporate diverse perspectives and experiences across the curriculum to empower equity-minded, justice-oriented, and values-centered graduates.
  4. Expand the use of flexible educational modalities to meet modern societal workforce demands.
  5. Integrate interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning to ensure students are prepared for the most complex challenges through a holistic and humanistic lens.



II. Student Success and Engagement 

Build a culture of engagement that supports student success, meaningful human connection, and belonging.

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  1. strategic plan student success
    Enhance student-centered campus spaces and technology infrastructure to create an innovative learning ecosystem.
  2. Foster student success and resilience through transformative experiences and programs that promote whole-person formation and leadership.
  3. Build a robust and comprehensive mentorship program that connects students to a diverse community of faculty, staff, and alumni locally and globally.
  4. Increase opportunities for students to develop leadership competencies and discern their path to a life of fulfillment.
  5. Leverage athletics and recreation to support an engaging and vibrant student experience.
  6. Elevate mission-based programs to infuse our Jesuit values across the enterprise and empower students to be agents of systemic change. 



III. Institutional Sustainability 

Develop the institutional capacity necessary to support an innovative and distinctive Canisius for future generations

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  1. fall campus canisius
    Launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign aligned with our vision and ambitions for Canisius.
  2. Rebuild the reputation and expand the prominence of Canisius as a university dedicated to empowering leaders for lives of impact.   
  3. Grow the university’s endowment by re-invigorating a culture of philanthropy and leveraging sophisticated investment management practices.
  4. Recruit and retain a diverse workforce that will passionately serve all our constituents and deliver sustained operational excellence.
  5. Enhance the campus physical plant to attract students, faculty and staff, and enable an integrated living, learning, working experience.
  6. Implement innovative practices and inventive solutions to harness the power of our human and fiscal resources.


IV. Our Campus, Our Community 

Champion an engaged and inclusive campus culture, grounded in our Jesuit values, and deeply committed to the greater good of our community

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  1. canisius sustainability
    Develop a leadership culture that enables each member of our university community to pursue the magis, in service of our collective aspirations.  
  2. Deepen our commitment to inclusive excellence in every aspect of our operations to foster a more just and equitable society.
  3. Leverage the strength of our intimate and caring community to deepen a culture of belonging that supports whole-person flourishing.
  4. Elevate our institutional identity as a convener and leader in Buffalo and Western New York, to advance solutions to our most pressing challenges.
  5. Expand meaningful connections and strategic collaborations to support the success of the university and our local and regional community.
  6. Strengthen the engagement of our more than 50,000 alumni around the world, in furtherance of our shared love for Canisius.