Adolescence Education/Students with Disabilities Generalist 7-12 MsEd

School of Education & Human Services

Recent estimates place the number of students who receive special education services at 14 percent of all public school students.  Adolescent students with disabilities (SWD) is a growing sector of this population, creating a high demand for individuals certified in teaching SWD: Adolescence. Earn a dual degree and you will be certified to teach in both regular and special education classrooms, opening more opportunities as schools are more likely to hire teachers who hold more than one teaching certification.

$885/credit hour
2 years
39 Credits, Full-time or Part-time
Program Format
On Campus
Initial Content Area & SWD 7-12
Currently Accepting Applications For
Fall, Spring, Summer

Program Description 

If you have a content major from another university, this program enables you to take an additional six courses to earn both Adolescence and 7-12 Adolescence Students with Disabilities Generalist 7-12 certifications. The MSED program will prepare you to meet the needs of students with disabilities, placing a strong emphasis on theory, research and practicum experience.  

You will develop an understanding of etiology, related psychological and social factors and techniques proven effective for teaching adolescent students with diverse learning needs.  Your knowledge of student development and learning will allow you to promote achievement for all students.


Earning a dual degree offers greater flexibility—holding two certifications will make it easier to move within a district to teach at different levels or different courses within your subject area.