Special Education (Advanced)

Graduate: Master's

School of Education & Human Services

Special education teachers are dedicated to helping students with special needs and developmental challenges learn and grow. If you are an educator looking to build on a rewarding and challenging teaching career, working with children and youth of different abilities, consider a Master’s degree in Special Education.

Program Description

The Master’s in Special Education program places a strong emphasis on theory, research and practicum experience. The curriculum enables you to develop an understanding of etiology, related psychological and social factors, and techniques proven effective for teaching students with diverse learning needs.

The program gives you several options. If you have already completed requirements for certification, you can choose between a Childhood or Adolescence track to earn a Master’s degree in Special Education. If you have no prior certification, you may earn both Special Education Certification and Initial Childhood Certification or Initial Adolescence Certification at the graduate level.

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The graduate programs include pathways to achieve course requirements and to earn a New York State Certification Master of Science Degree in Special Education.

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