A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biology gives students maximal flexibility in preparing for their future career goals in the life sciences. Here, read about the range of outcomes that flexibility provides, and discover what course pathways you could take as a Biology Major at Canisius College!

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With Biology, You Can!

You may arrive at Canisius with a precise idea of what advanced degree you want to pursue after graduation.

With Biology, we have a path providing you with the courses required for application to that advanced degree program!

Or... maybe you would rather directly enter employment in the life sciences, finding a job in industry, a non-profit organization, a governmental agency, etc. 

With Biology, we have a path giving you the training needed for finding employment! 

Or... maybe you are interested in combining biology with another interest, like business, law, art, or writing.

With Biology, we have a path allowing you interdisciplinary pursuits! 

Or... maybe you are open to many possibilities, or... maybe you arrive at Canisius set on a particular career pathway, but discover a new passion for a biological topic/career during your Junior or Senior years that you never realized existed or could be possible.

With Biology, you can easily switch your pathway! 

Being a Biology Major uniquely does not lock you into just one outcome alone. You can easily change pathways without significant loss of time or change of major. In fact, our majors increasingly finish at Canisius pursuing different outcomes than they initially planned as entering Freshmen. 

Our faculty are dedicated to helping students discover their passions, realize their goals, and adapt to their changing interests.

Follow the network links below to find the pathway(s) that you can follow within the Biology Major to suit your interests/plans. And remember, it's okay if those interest/plans change!

Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Pathways (MD, MPAS, DDS, DVM, etc.) 

Pre-Graduate Studies Pathways (MA, MS, or PhD in Ecology/Evolution, Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular/Cellular Biology, Microbiology, etc.)

Pre-Employment Pathway (BS level jobs in industry, non-profits, or government, with emphasis on Ecology/Evolution, Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular/Cellular Biology, Microbiology, etc.)

Pre-Interdisciplinary Pathway (MBA, JD, or other interdisciplinary MA/PhD studies)