Western New York Teacher Residency

Become a teacher and make a difference

Children in urban schools depend on highly-qualified teachers who are committed to their success. To be an effective practitioner in these settings requires special training. Teachers must possess the professional skills to address the unique challenges faced by students in culturally, racially and socioeconomically diverse classroom environments.

As the region’s leader in urban teacher education, Canisius is introducing the Western New York Teacher Residency, an innovative approach to training the next generation of teachers who can unlock the potential of every child in our region. If you’ve thought about pursuing a teaching career and have a special interest in confronting the challenges faced by our region’s urban schools, the WNY Teacher Residency may be for you. 


We understand that returning to college as a full-time student involves a significant commitment. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, Canisius is able to provide additional support to help program participants manage the cost of tuition and living expenses, including:

A Teacher Residency Scholarship that covers 30% of graduate tuition
A living wage stipend (approximately $20,000) that is provided during the second year
Discounted on-campus housing 
Priority hiring status upon completion of the program

Application Process 

People interested in being considered for the WNY Teacher Residency participate in a competitive application process that includes an in-person interview. Applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications:
Have a keen awareness and sensitivity to the needs of urban schoolchildren and a strong desire to teach in a multicultural, high-need school.  
Hold a bachelor’s degree in any major from an accredited college/university 
Have achieved a minimum of a 3.0 undergraduate GPA
Have completed a standardized placement test (e.g. GRE, MAT, SAT, or ACT)
Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
Make a three-year commitment to teach in an urban school in Western New York upon completion

Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds who reflect the diverse student population within WNY are especially encouraged to apply. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When does the program start?
  • Is program entrance competitive?

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Our partners aid the development and sustainability of the Canisius WNY Teacher Residency program. Learn more about each below. 

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