Tassini '10 Ordained to Priesthood

June 25, 2016


BUFFALO, NY - Peter Tassini ’10 fulfilled a life-long calling from the Holy Spirit when he was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, June 4. He was among three priests ordained into the Diocese of Syracuse, NY, during a Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

“The whole experience was particularly inspiring but I was especially moved when all the priests were laying hands on me,” says Tassini.

Tassini’s spiritual journey began as a teenager when he first considered a religious vocation. His parents encouraged the close-knit family to attend weekly Mass together. They taught Tassini to recognize the presence of Christ in himself and others. Tassini became a volunteer at his home parish, St. James, and ministered to the sick and elderly.

He then chose to attend Canisius College, where he knew he would receive the vocational guidance he needed. “The Jesuits at Canisius helped me discern and discover where I would be most happy in my service to God.”

Ultimately, he found his calling to become a diocesan priest through discernment and the Spiritual Exercises with Rev. Thomas Colgan, SJ, former associate campus minister at Canisius. “It was a very rich and fruitful experience that taught me many things about myself and my vocation.”

Tassini also delved deeper into service.

He volunteered in nursing homes, at soup kitchens and in hospitals during Campus Ministry’s Winter Service Week in New York City. He also assisted New Orleans Catholic Charities in the rebuilding efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

But Tassini says his most gratifying service experience took place on a campus ministry service trip to Loyola Higher Secondary School in Chennai, India. There, Tassini lived and learned among the Jesuit priests who teach and care for 800 of the region’s most poor, oppressed and dalit (untouchable) children.

“These children have so little yet they are willing to share so much of themselves, their space and even their food,” says Tassini. The Jesuits guided him on what it means to be truly flexible, tolerant and compassionate.

Tassini’s long journey to the priesthood culminates with his first assignment − parochial vicar at St. Matthew’s Parish in East Syracuse, beginning July 1.

Tassini holds a degree in religious studies from Canisius College, and is a graduate of Theological College, the National Seminary of the Catholic University of America.