Center for Urban Education

CUE Mission

A leader in teacher development in Western New York, the Center for Urban Education partners with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education to infuse culturally relevant pedagogy with academic excellence, experiential learning and social justice to enhance the life chances of the children we serve.

CUE Vision

A contemplative vision formed by hope, the Center for Urban Education promotes using one’s gifts to empower students who depend in part on the school community to make this possible. The Center for Urban Education prepares teachers and school leaders who believe in the potential of each child and embrace transformative methods to advance learning. 

Core Values

●    Solutions Oriented
●    Collaborative
●    Inclusive
●    Responsive
●    Reflective
●    Pursuit of excellence


Buffalo Public Schools Strong Community Schools Initiative 
Canisius is the lead college partner for the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood zone consisting of:

  • Bennett High School
  • Highgate Heights
  • Westminster Charter
  • North Park Academy
  • Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence

Learn more about the BPS Strong Community Schools Initiative