Center for Urban Education

Mission: The Center for Urban Education at Canisius, in partnership with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA), will offer Canisius faculty, Canisius pre-service candidates, and local P-12 teachers the opportunity to enhance/develop knowledge, skills, and values that will positively impact urban and first ring suburb students. 

The Canisius School of Education and Human Services/NUA partnership, in conjunction with Buffalo Public Schools, urban charter and private schools, and first ring suburb schools will produce significant and sustainable improvements in teacher education through:
•    Enhancing the skills of Canisius School of Education and Human Services faculty with an emphasis on culturally/linguistically responsive teaching and content knowledge and researched based pedagogy in urban schools
•    Establishing a professional development zone within urban schools, organized around NUA’s 10 point strategy and professional development model;
•    Implementing specific strategies to enhance faculty, adjunct faculty, and new teacher recruitment, effectiveness, and retention;
•    Providing ongoing support and mentoring by successful urban teachers with on-going, content specific, job-embedded professional development;
•    Providing opportunities to network with other novice urban teachers; and
•    A data driven formative process that will allow quick response to issues that appear through the examination of the needs of urban schools, student performance data, and candidate/alumni performance data.
The Initiative will address needs on a variety of levels.  In terms of teacher characteristics and dispositions, the Initiative will: 
•    develop strong content knowledge and language skills consistent with requirements for highly qualified teachers in urban environments; 
•    develop an understanding of the urban context relating to students, families, communities, social/economic and political realities; 
•    engender a commitment to the urban setting and an irrefutable belief in the capacity of urban students to reach the highest levels of academic performance; and
•    Infuse and nurture the development of pedagogical skills for teaching diverse populations.

Buffalo Public Schools Strong Community Schools Initiative 
Canisius is the lead college partner for the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood zone consisting of:

  • Bennett High School
  • Highgate Heights
  • Westminster Charter
  • Children’s Academy

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