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The Canisius Center for Analytics and Data Ecosystems brings together professionals, scholars, and students to support the holistic development of talent and data-driven solutions, addressing current business and societal challenges, and the analytical and data-centric needs for sustainable development, equity, and economic efficiency.


To become the premier resource in the Western New York community for broad-based, interdisciplinary data analytics education and practice.


One of the objectives of the Canisius Center for Analytics and Data Ecosystems is to provide subject matter expertise to organizations seeking solutions for issues in practice, which can take the form of: (1) short-term assistance, or (2) longer-term consulting projects.

Additionally, CCADE seeks to apply expertise and resources to support and improve the lives of community members in Western New York. It aims to do so by providing analytics subject matter expertise to improve societal issues in the local community. It also aims to provide assistance to non-profit organizations seeking assistance for issues in practice, which can take the form of: (1) short-term assistance, or (2) longer-term consulting projects.

What We Offer

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Subject Matter Experts

A major strength of the Canisius Center for Analytics and Data Ecosystems is access to Canisius faculty that are experts in different fields. These faculty have a wide range of academic and industry experience. Regardless of your specific needs, CCADE has access to subject matter experts that can assist you

Academic Programs

Canisius University has developed interdisciplinary programs with relevance in analytics and data science, enabling students to critically select and apply appropriate methods and techniques to extract relevant and important information from data.


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Dr. David Sheets

Professor: Data Analytics, Finance, Data Science

Dr. Sheets has a wide range of research interests, all based on the study of dynamical processes, from a mathematical and statistic perspective. This has include the study of the growth and diversification of biological organisms, such as long term change within lineages, as well as large scale patterns of biodiversity changes, particularly mass extinctions. Some of this work has also led to an involvement with forensics, where Dr. Sheets has been a strong critic of forensic bitemark analysis, and has served on a national level scientific panel charged with establishing best practices in forensic handwriting analysis.


Dr. James Goldstein 

Professor: Accounting, Accounting Systems and Analytics, MBA , MBA in Professional Accounting

Before joining Canisius, Dr. Goldstein had a career in public accounting in New York City, and worked in the controller’s division of a major Wall Street investment bank, as well as a regional bank in Western New York in the risk management and finance departments.  Dr. Goldstein holds a B.S. in Accounting from Binghamton University, a M.B.A in Finance and Economics from New York University, and a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Syracuse University.  He is the Program Director for the M.S. Business Analytics program at Canisius, and also teaches in the Accounting and Accounting Systems and Analytics programs.  Dr. Goldstein is able to apply his academic and professional experience to help organizations to identify practical solutions to real-world problems.

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Analytics Advisory Council

Canisius has formed an Analytics Advisory Council that is made up over twenty professionals representing twelve firms in multiple industries. These individuals have provided a wealth of knowledge in the development and ongoing updating of the curriculum of our analytics programs.

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