Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is the foundation of every undergraduate student’s academic program at Canisius, regardless of major. Coursework is designed to develop the critical knowledge and skills that are the hallmarks of a Jesuit education and essential to global citizenship in the 21st century.

The Core Curriculum strives to foster a reflective understanding of self while promoting knowledge of the world through cross-disciplinary study and a mission-centric focus on ethics, diversity, global awareness, and justice. More specifically, students will be empowered through:

  • A breadth of knowledge through coursework in the humanities and liberal arts that deepens their intellectual capacity and develops faculties of reflection and judgment.
  • A focused awareness of the human condition, as marked by both cooperation and conflict, and an understanding of the ways in which educated people of good will and good spirit have contributed to human progress.
  • An appreciation of the richness of human diversity and a heightened sense of responsibility to the cause of justice for all peoples, and especially for the poor and marginalized of the world.  
  • Foundational skills that are essential for success in life regardless of the profession one chooses to pursue, including writing, oral communication, information literacy, and critical thinking.
  • Engagement with the spiritual dimension of human life with the aim of developing a student’s ability to seek God in all things and desire to become men and women for and with others in the pursuit of wisdom and magnanimity.

Academic Overview



Foundation Courses:

  • ENG 111 (Academic Writing)
  • ENG 112 (Writing About Literature)
  • PHI 101 (Introduction to Philosophy)
  • RST (Intoduction to Religious Studies)

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